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  UR Career Camp Webinar - Program Yourself For Success: 10 Key Career And Job Search Strategies
  August 13, 2014 8:00 PM ET
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Featuring Gary Recchio, Principal at Recchion and Associates, a
full-service career management, training, coaching and outplacement
Company in Phoenix, Arizona.

Consider yourself lucky if you get an interview.

Now don't blow it.

One industry expert suggests the average job seeker will have 16 interviews before they get a job. You need to figure out how to do it in less.

Join Gary Recchion to learn tips and secrets on how to prepare for, manage, and follow up on your interviews. Learn simple, but effective strategies to get you to a second interview.

You will also learn how to position your achievements in the best possible light to help employers understand how you can start immediately helping them solve issues the firm is facing.
Looking for some help in the job search arena? CareerCamp is designed for those new to the job search who are ready and willing to invest some time and energy to kick-start a focused effort to find and earn the coveted job offer!

It’s easy, free, and accessible from your computer, tablet or smart phone. You can participate in all eight webinars during the two weeks in August or watch an archived copy anytime afterwards. You register only but gain access to the full series CareerCamp series plus two additional years of webinars on career search and management.

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