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  UR Career Camp Webinar - Networking Professionally With Facebook
  August 12, 2014 8:00 PM ET
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Featuring Natascha Saunders, An award-winning and internationally respected consultant, certified career coach and entrepreneur

You've used Facebook for years now and you probably don't think you need someone to tell you how to use it to get a job.


While Facebook has served as your social calendar and rolodex, you now need to think about using it as a professional networking tool! Ughh, you say! Natascha provides compelling arguments for this and strategies on how you can make this shift.
She'll share ideas on how to:
  •  reduce your info page and make it mimic your resume
  •  protect your pictures from everyone that isn’t a direct friend
  •  use the advanced search tool to drill into companies, find alumni and others that can help you get a job
  •  leverage your brand by commenting on the fan pages of companies you are interested in working at
Looking for some help in the job search arena? CareerCamp is designed for those new to the job search who are ready and willing to invest some time and energy to kick-start a focused effort to find and earn the coveted job offer!

It’s easy, free, and accessible from your computer, tablet or smart phone. You can participate in all eight webinars during the two weeks in August or watch an archived copy anytime afterwards. You register only but gain access to the full series CareerCamp series plus two additional years of webinars on career search and management.

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