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  UR Career Search Webinar -The Speed Of Trust   The Career Critical Skill (this webinar, same time and date as the previous, is for more experienced workers)
  August 6, 2014 8:00 PM ET
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Featuring Greg Link

Author of Smart Trust: The Defining Skill That Transforms Managers Into Leaders

Would you like to be the first to be hired, get promoted, and get the best projects and biggest budgets? There is one skill that you must master above all others -- a career critical skill.

Learn the power of trust that is transforming careers and organizations around the globe. Greg will share how you can create and leverage high trust in your career relationships by learning:
  •  the 5 actions common to high trust leaders and how much they influence your professional working environment
  • what the five most dangerous words in business are
  • bureaucracy exists where trust is low -- learn how to use trust to cut though the red tape and bureaucracy in your workplace
  • how to set yourself apart in this hyper competitive job market as a leader that can be counted on
  • how to evaluate your employer or potential employers trustworthiness
We are excited to offer again this webinar series featuring career trade book authors. Over 900 UR community members have participated in it over the last two years, investing in building their knowledge and skills to better manage their careers.

Invest in yourself -- it’s easy and free. Live webinars are offered on the first Wednesday of each month. Register once and gain access to the full series of live and archived presentations from the nation’s top career authors and experts right on your computer, tablet or smart phone.

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