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  UR Career Camp Webinar  It Might Not Be Your Dream Job, But It Gets You Started
  August 5, 2014 8:00 PM ET
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Featuring Daniel Seddiqui

Author of 50 Jobs In 50 States

Daniel Seddiqui landed 50 jobs in 50 states to prove to himself and others that he could get a job! He will share with you humorous steps along the way as well as advice on how you can:
  •  find a job in one day or less
  •  position yourself to be the right candidate
  • pitch yourself in a quick phone conversation
Plus you will learn how to:
  • know when it’s time to move on
  • leave your current job in a way that they want you back
Like lots of college grads, Daniel Seddiqui was having a hard time finding a job. But despite more than forty rejections, he knew opportunities had to exist. So he set out on an extraordinary quest: fifty jobs in fifty states in fifty weeks. And not just any jobs—he chose professions that reflected the culture and economy of each state.

Working as everything from a cheesemaker in Wisconsin, a border patrol agent in Arizona, and a meatpacker in Kansas to a lobsterman in Maine, a surfing instructor in Hawaii, and a football coach in Alabama, Daniel chronicles how he adapted to the wildly differing people, cultures, and environments. He has appeared on CNN, Fox News, World News Tonight, MSNBC, and the Today show.
Looking for some help in the job search arena? CareerCamp is designed for those new to the job search who are ready and willing to invest some time and energy to kick-start a focused effort to find and earn the coveted job offer!

It’s easy, free, and accessible from your computer, tablet or smart phone. You can participate in all eight webinars during the two weeks in August or watch an archived copy anytime afterwards. You register only but gain access to the full series CareerCamp series plus two additional years of webinars on career search and management.

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